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MoE 2.0

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"Following his successful PhD defence and the closing piece of 'DE EXPERTEN' on March 4 (2022), Bob Selderslaghs obtained the title of Doctor in the Arts for his research 'MoE 2.0. From dramatic-inquiry towards an artistic result in art education'."

From dramatic inquiry towards an artistic result in art education

Little research has been done on how to create a healthy balance between process and product in arts education. Yet researchers, artists, teachers, teaching artists, teacher trainers, students and audiences alike recognise the need for such a balance: without a high-quality process, it is impossible to achieve a high-quality product. And a product of a poor or dubious standard will, at best, be overlooked by spectators if they have an emotional connection to the artist(s) or if they know that a valuable (social) process did precede the product. The MoE 2.0 doctoral research project explored how the dramatic-inquiry approach to learning and teaching Mantle of the Expert, a form of process drama, could be expanded into a methodology in arts education for creating non-scripted theatre performances with young audiences and thus create a harmony between the artistic process and product.

Art installation


The Experts III:

The Stage Rats (2021)

The Experts I: The Animal Rescue Team (2019)

One wall expo:

The Experts in the Picture

The Experts II: The Bold Robbery (2020)

The Experts IV:

ON/OFF (2022)