Since 2017, Bob Selderslaghs has been conducting extensive research on Mantle of the Expert in Flanders.
On this page you get an overview of several current and past research projects at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp and the University of Antwerp.


Professionalising the (teaching) artist through process drama performances

2022-2024     a two-year research project in the arts

How can teaching artists develop as both professional artists and teachers through process drama performances?

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MoE 2.0

From dramatic-inquiry towards an artistic result in art education

2018-2022     a doctoral research project in the arts

How can Mantle of the Expert, Dorothy Heathcote's dramatic inquiry approach to learning and teaching, be expanded into a methodology for creating artistic (non-scripted) theatre performances with a diverse group of children?

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Artistic practices for citizenship education at school

2018-2022     a multidisciplinary practice-based scientific research project

In what way can artistic practices, including MoE, contribute to citizenship education in a diverse context in 3rd grade primary education and 1st grade secondary education?

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MoE 1.0

The artistic value of drama as a learning medium in primary education

2017-2018     a two-year research project in the arts

Does Mantle of the Expert indirectly develop artistic competences in drama among children in primary education in Flanders?

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