Bob Selderslaghs

"In ART4DEM we explore how Mantle of the Expert can develop citizenship competences in students. Taking different points of view, intense collaboration and a strong presence of reflection help in this process."

Artistic practices for citizenship education at school

Why and how to work on citizenship education at school? What is citizenship education? And how do you get the best out of your students, your teachers and your team when you start working with citizenship themes as a school? 
These are the questions we tackle in the project ART4DEM (Art For Democracy).
ART4DEM is a multidisciplinary initiative of AP University College Antwerp. We work on projects together with 6 schools, 2 of which are primary schools and 4 secondary schools.  During these projects, we apply two drama methods - including Mantle of the Expert - and a visual interactive method. In each participating school, a teaching artist works with a group of students and primary or secondary teachers on citizenship. You can find more information on this Dutch website:

Contributors: Ellen Dierckx, Sara Pieters, Bob Selderslaghs, Nele Willems, Marion Schrijvers, Sering vzw a.o.